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Introducing Python

Título Original: Introducing Python

Título em Português: Apresentando Python

Produção: [ Jeff Elkner] e David Welsh

Ano: 2001

Duração: 24 minutos

Sinopse: (precisa traduzir)

This 24 minute video contains interviews with luminaries from the Python community interspersed with "A Python Love Story". It was created for use as an introductory activity in a computer science course using Python.

A joint, interdisciplinary project between [ Arlington Career Center Multimedia] and [ Yorktown High School] Drama and Computing, the Python Project builds on the successful use of Python as a teaching tool in Yorktown's Computer Science Program. It has been shown for the last two years at the 9th and 10th International Python Conferences.

Funding was made possible by a grant from the [ Python Software Foundation]. It is released under the [ OpenContent License v1.0], which means that it may be shown freely by anyone who would like to do so, and it may be modified for use in other contexts. Informações

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