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'''Título Original:''' Introducing Python
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'''Título em Português:''' Apresentando Python ||'''Título Original:''' ||Introducing Python||
||'''Título em Português:''' ||Apresentando Python||
||'''Produção:''' || [ Jeff Elkner] e David Welsh||
||'''Ano:''' ||2001||
||'''Duração:''' ||24 minutos||
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'''Produção:''' [ Jeff Elkner] e David Welsh

'''Ano:''' 2001

'''Duração:''' 24 minutos

'''Sinopse:''' (precisa traduzir)
== Sinopse: ==
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Introducing Python

Título Original:

Introducing Python

Título em Português:

Apresentando Python


[ Jeff Elkner] e David Welsh




24 minutos


This 24 minute video contains interviews with luminaries from the Python community interspersed with "A Python Love Story". It was created for use as an introductory activity in a computer science course using Python.

A joint, interdisciplinary project between [ Arlington Career Center Multimedia] and [ Yorktown High School] Drama and Computing, the Python Project builds on the successful use of Python as a teaching tool in Yorktown's Computer Science Program. It has been shown for the last two years at the 9th and 10th International Python Conferences.

Funding was made possible by a grant from the [ Python Software Foundation]. It is released under the [ OpenContent License v1.0], which means that it may be shown freely by anyone who would like to do so, and it may be modified for use in other contexts. Informações

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