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Mark Lutz em Learning Python:



No compile or link steps

Rapid development cycle turnaround

No type declarations

Simpler, shorter, and more flexible programs

Automatic memory management

Garbage collection avoids bookkeeping code

High-level datatypes and operations

Fast development using built-in object types

Object-oriented programming

Code reuse, C++, Java, and COM integration

Embedding and extending in C

Optimization, customization, and "glue"

Classes, modules, and exceptions

Modular "programming-in-the-large" support

Simple, clear syntax and design

Readability, maintainability, ease of learning

Dynamic loading of C modules

Simplified extensions, smaller binary files

Dynamic reloading of Python modules

Programs can be modified without stopping

Universal "first-class" object model

Fewer restrictions and special-case rules

Runtime program construction

Handles unforeseen needs, end-user coding

Interactive, dynamic nature

Incremental development and testing

Access to interpreter information

Metaprogramming, introspective objects

Wide interpreter portability

Cross-platform programming without ports

Compilation to portable bytecode

Execution speeds, protecting source code

Standard portable GUI framework

Tkinter scripts run on X, Windows, Macs

Standard Internet protocol support

Easy access to email, FTP, HTTP, CGI

Standard portable system calls

Platform-neutral system scripting

Built-in and third-party libraries

Vast collection of precoded software components

True open source software

May be freely embedded and shipped